Tuesday, 26 October 2010

a long weekend of making and baking...

monarch flutterby brooch

i'm in the middle of a long weekend (plus a few days) off and it's lovely to just spend time being creative and cracking on with some of the projects that have been piling up.  so far i've ticked off jewellery orders, new designs (see the keshi pearl bracelet below), making some cork boards with the massive stack of coffee bean sacks i bought (tutorial to come soon), was inspired by jamie oliver and baked my first pie (and more pics of this to come too), repainted the bin of doom.........aaaand painted the kitchen!  one more day off tomorrow so still some time to start a few more projects!

coffee bean corkboards

jamie oliver's 'chicken' (quorn) pie

fallen petal bracelet (in my shop)


  1. Those cork boards are great, nice idea Claire! The pie looks delicious too, and I love the wintry bracelet.

    You are on a roll at the moment, clearly!

  2. Ive become a bit obsessed with coffee bean sack now and want to smother everything in it!