Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Friday, 15 February 2008

look what my valentine gave me... pretty

cute little notelets designed by stephen mackey which i'm sure, like the rest of my pretty stationary, will live in my draw of pretty things that i do not allow myself to use...kind of defeats the object i know. but they are just too pretty!

and, in case you're interested, here are our cards:

'i like you' designed by the ever so clever charliemotel - i love her cards so much i stocked up....was tempted to buy more.

all very sweet and lovely...and yet so different from the teenage valentine days, just hoping that you MIGHT find a valentine declaration from 'him' in your school bag or on your seat...

but, how about this for friend's manfriend laid out a davinci code style treasure hunt, anagrams and all, with the 'x marks the spot' being a venician trip this weekend. wow.
Welcome to my blog!

Hopefully this will become a resource of handmade loveliness, tempting delights and damn prettiness! First of all, a bit of shameless self promotion - please have a look at my shop - GUGAW.

Let me know what you think!